Polarized lens can help enhance visual acuity, clear color contrast and providing your eyes more comfort by blocking out blinding glare significantly. As we spend more time outdoors under the sun, it has become an essential for a good eyewear to provide the needed protection for your eyes.

Above is an illustration to show the difference between a polarized and non-polarized view.

Polarized lens act as a powerful anti-glare, protecting your eyes from harmful and potentially damaging light. A good pair of polarized eyewear can reduce exposure of reflected light from bright surfaces like water, windshields, oncoming traffic, grass patches & snow. Thus reducing eyestrain and fatigue for long hours under the sun.

Always go for a pair of polarized lens, your eyes will definitely thank you for it. We have just the right pair for you.

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If you live in a cold climate, nothing is more frustrating than having your eyeglasses fog up when you come in from the cold. This can also be a safety issue, since it limits your vision until the fog clears. Lens fogging can be especially dangerous for police officers and other first responders to emergency situations.

At least one eyeglass lens coating company has created a permanent coating designed to eliminate this problem. The anti-fog coating called Fog Free eliminates the condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging.

  • Most efficient anti-fog properties
  • Considerably improved durability
  • The use of specific molecules to activate the anti-fog properties of the (Optifog) lenses
  • Combination of these molecules impregnated into a specific micro-fiber tissue
  • Combination with the AR efficiency, scratch resistance, dust repellence and UV protection


The Double Impact PC Len is treated with the same Silicone Crystal Film technology used in the construction of airplanes and bullet-proof windows to amplify the impact protection of a typical polycarbonate(PC) lenses. Super thin, they are light and pliable and can block out UV rays completely whilst guarding against high and low speed impacts. This makes PC Lenses ideal for outdoor sports and recreation from driving and boating to mountain biking and fishing.


Different color of the lens suitable for different sport condition.When you select the professional sport lens.The color of lens depends on your sport preference.